Monday, 3 June 2013

Long-tailed Duck! Peckham Mega!

Ah, summer in Peckham; Chiffchaff are singing in the trees, Swifts are screaming through the skies and the first Long-tailed Duck of the year has

It's true.

Here's a photo from this morning of the quite unbelievable female LONG-TAILED DUCK that was spotted on Peckham Rye Park lake this Saturday (1/6):

Long-tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) Peckham Rye Park lake, 3/6/13


While you'd be right to be sceptical of the appearance of this species in London in JUNE, this individual doesn't appear to show any signs of being an escape. It's an odd location for a bird like this, given it should be much further north by now and the lake is like Piccadilly Circus with Canada Geese. But it didn't seem to mind and spent an hour this morning at least drifting around, diving and sleeping. The wings look intact and although it's showing down to 10ft at times, that's not surprising when the lake is barely 50 yards wide anyway. Whatever the providence, there's still a bloody LONG-TAILED DUCK in PECKHAM! Well done to the finder, probably not as easy a spot as you'd think in amongst all the Coot love and crusts.

Naturally, following news going out yesterday, first thing this morning an epic local twitch was in full swing:

L-R: Bin man, man on bike, DC, Martin

A morning to remember.

Thanks to Philip C, John Archer & Richard Bonser
Photo/footage - Peter Beckenham


  1. Now it's in Greenwich Park! I have the same questions about its origins, but a seaduck on that tiny pond is amazing anyway.

    1. And now Canada Water, she's on tour!

      Thanks for the comment Joe, an odd occurrence but an enjoyable one nonetheless - will probably never happen again :)