Monday, 21 May 2012

Sydenham Dawn Chorus

Tawny Owl (Strix aluco) silhouetted in flight at LWT Sydenham Hill Wood,  May 2012

Daniel led a dawn chorus walk, down the road at Sydenham Hill Wood on Friday (18th). Sounds like it was a's his list:

Wren (1,000,000)
Song thrush
Blackbird (pair w/juvenile on Cox's Walk)
Nuthatch (feeding young)
Great Spotted woodpecker
3 Stock dove (Thanks Ernie)
Blue tit
Great tit

Sparrowhawk - juveniles calling from canopy nest site
Feral pigeon

The SoLoMig research department are currently looking into that Wren figure - if it holds up, I reckon we've got a record on our hands. And possibly a problem. Also spotted in the wood was a hedgehog - quite a rare local sighting. Here are a few more awesome owl pics:

Top: juvenile Tawny Owl flying between branches
Bottom: three juvs

Tawny Owl photos by D Greenwood - thanks! More ridge updates soon...

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